Prefabricated House

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The main structure of the house is formed by hot galvanized steel strip cold bending. It has good performance of anti-corrosion, sealing and insulation. The layout of the house is flexible and it can be used for dormitory, office, dining room, entertainment house and so on. So, it covers areas such as construction, railway, road, water conservancy, petrol oil, travel and so on. It is suitable for high temperature, high cold, desert, coast and so on. Safty and reliable light steel flexible structural system;Easy to transport (can load 8 units in a standard 40ft shipping container ); Waterproof, sound-insulated, heat preservation. ( core material can be EPS, PU, Rock wool); Widely modal application, the office, conference room, dormitory, store, factory ;easy to assemble and dismantle:Only few easy step folding to install and unfolding to uninstall;Resisting:Standard manufacturing, no construction garbage, Low-carbon green; Safe & steady:Earthquake resistance is Grade 8, Wind resistance is Grade 11; Any dimension and customized design are available.

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    this is beautiful, how much ?

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