Flexible House

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The main structure of the modular home is formed by hot galvanized steel strip cold bending. It has good performance of anti-corrosion, sealing and insulation. Pre fab homes are very suitable fast project delivery. When talking about prefabricated house prefabricated modular house in China , AWAN-STELL product are the most traded steel products from China. 

The layout of the house is flexible and it can be used for dormitory, office, dining room, entertainment house and so on. So, it covers areas such as construction, railway, road, water conservancy, petrol oil, travel and so on. It is suitable for high temperature, high cold, desert, coast and so on.

Bright spot of the product:

  1. It can stand 10 grade wind. After special treatment, it can stand 12 grade hurricane.
  2. Anti-corrosion: The main structure of the house is formed by hot galvanized steel strip cold bending with thin wall thickness, which has good anti-corrosion performance.
  3. Production: It can realize mass production, which can cut down processing cycle.
  4. Sealing: Structure frame is put inside of wall plate, which forms seamless connection with the outer maintenance plank.
  5. Install: The whole structure will be connected by screws. Welding is not required.
  6. Design: We can design according to customer’s requirements.

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